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Yogi Effect: Makes way for the Daat Kali two way Tunnel Project

The Daat Kali two-way tunnel project which was pending from the last two years has made its way after UP government sent an NOC letter to Uttarakhand. In few days, the State Government will issue an agreement letter to the Central Government regarding the tunnel work. This speedy delivery by the UP Government is being linked with the ‘Yogi effect’ as he is showing great enthusiasm in taking up the responsibilities since day one. All the legal procedures for starting the tunnel project has been finished, the environmental approval and the tender will soon be passed.

Yogi Effect: Makes way for the Daat Kali two way Tunnel Project

Src: Daat Kali Temple in Dehradun

This highly ambitious Rs 60 crores project work was allotted to the Bharat Construction Company. But from the past two and a half years, the work has been delayed as the Uttar Pradesh border area falling under the tunnel project didn’t receive an NOC letter. This matter was put forth the UP Government several times and PWD, National Highway and Forest Department officials were also contacted but no considerable measures were taken to settle it. But after the thread of the UP government was handover to Yogi all the pending issues are taking a speed in resolving.

The commuters will get a relief from the Jam

The Dat Kali Tunnel project has been proposed on NH72. This narrow tunnel is located about 14 km away from Dehradun near the Daat Kali temple. Therefore, the road is always congested with traffic coming from Delhi-Dehradun. After making a two-way tunnel the problem regarding the traffic jam will be resolved. It is said that this tunnel will measure 300 metres long and 12 metres wide.

Src: Amar Ujala