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Water Level In Naini Lake Touches 14 Feet Mark After 10 Years

Dehradun: Nainital’s lake after 10 years is experiencing the rise in the water level touching the 14 feet mark, due to good amount of rainfall during February and March.

Specialists have hailed this rise in the water level because it is the main source of water for this hilly city of lake.

Times of India’s report quoted Ajay Singh Rawat, a Nainital-based environmentalist as saying, “The rise in water level of Naini Lake is always good news. As the use of water increases during summers, the administration will not have to worry about supplies,”

“The present water level in the lake is six-feet higher than the usual. Prior to this, the water level in the lake had touched the 14-feet mark in 2010. The rise in the water level is significant as eight lakh litres of water (on an average) from the lake is used daily through 11 tube wells”, the report further added.

Source: Times of India