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2017 Uttarakhand Elections: Maximum voter turnout is key for change

Ever since the Election Commision announced the poll dates in five poll-bound states, all political parties – regional and national – have pulled up their socks to devise different strategies to woo and entice voters. The political scenario in Uttarakhand is no different from other states. Single-phase Uttarakhand elections in will take place on February 15. The poll results will be declared on March 11, 2017.

2017 Uttarakhand Elections

Uttarakhand witness a record 63% voter turnout during 2014 General Elections. (Image Source)

While the electorate must decide to which party they will lend their precious vote in the Uttarakhand elections, the larger problem during the elections have been the below average voter turnout. In 2009 General Elections, the voter turnout in Uttarakhand was abysmal 53% although it improved in 2014 General Elections, when the state witnesses a record 63% voter turnout. One can expect that in upcoming Uttarakhand elections will see that trend continue as more and more voters will turnout at polling booths.

Why we should cast vote?

Many voters, especially the young voters, fail to realize the power of a vote in the world’s largest democracy. Some see Election Day as a day of rest, or worse, some might have lost all faith in democracy. However, we as a country, must understand the importance of actively participating in the electoral process and exercise our right to vote. Here are five reasons on why should the citizen of India cast his or her vote during the upcoming elections:

  1. The whole foundation of a Indian democracy hinges on law-abiding citizens who think of voting more than a mere right –  a responsibility. A responsible citizen of any democracy will be careful while casting his or her vote to choose a right candidate. Not casting vote altogether will jeopardize the stability and progress of a nation.
  2. People generally think that in a densely populated country like India, a single vote will not matter. However, they fail to realize that when a large number of people have that same mentality it culminates to have dire consequences on the voter turnout as whole.
  3. A vote is a precious medium of expression for the citizens using which they could have their grievances heard. With the help of rightful casting their vote, they express their dismay at the present government and place a efficient government at helm which would work towards the welfare of its citizens.
  4. In a true democracy, a vote is an agent for change. If the citizens feel that the present government is not performing its duties satisfactorily, they could vote it out. Refraining from voting in these circumstances could result in  the same party, or a worse one, being elected for the next five years.
  5. Finally, it is an honor for every citizen to take part in its nation’s progress and welfare by voting to right and honest candidates who will work diligently. As a citizen, we should respect the honor conferred upon us by the founding fathers and help build the nation.