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Uttarakhand university develops a new device to prevent drunk driving

Uttarakhand Residential University in Almora and Haldwani-based RI Instruments and Innovation India have jointly developed a device which will help in preventing cases of drunk driving. The new technology derived from waste products will make driving difficult if the driver is in an inebriated condition. The vehicle will also refuse to start in case the driver is feeling drowsy or talking on the phone.

Graphene – an allotrope of carbon generated from the waste products and wild grass – is one of the primary component used to make the prototype. The graphene-coated electrodes can catalyse the process of oxidation of ethyl alcohol into acetic acid. The driver has to blow the graphene-sensor on the device to start the vehicle. The sensor will detect the concentration of alcohol and if it is over the prescribed limit, the engine will not start.

In case the driver is falling asleep, the object and imaging module of the sensor will analyse his eye movements and will alert the co-passengers. The device is also equipped with GPRS-GPS and other bio-metric technologies which will help in identifying the location of the vehicle in case of an accident.

The device will be patented after which it will be tested extensively at International Centre for Automotive Technology in Manesar, SGS Lab in Gurugram and the Automotive Research Association of India in Pune before it is used in vehicles.

Inputs from IANS