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Wow! Uttarakhand to build transparent skywalk at Nelong valley

It seems the Uttarakhand government has finally understood the importance of tourism to boost the dwindling economy of the state. Nelong valley, which is the hidden gem of Uttarakhand, will soon have a thrilling skywalk for tourist to experience what is like to walk in thin air. Perched at staggering height of 3,600 meters, the old wooden bridge at Nelong valley which was earlier used for Indo-Tibetan trade route will be revamped to make a world-class skywalk which will have a transparent floor – giving the illusion of walking in air to the tourists.

Photo by Tilak Soni/ Where Eagles Dare

The wooden bridge at Nelong valley will be converted into a major tourism destination and is an ideal site for sky-walking project. It is more attractive than Grand Canyon in America. It has been identified and I have asked the district administration to find out ways to start the work soon. Once commissioned, this track is bound to turn into a major tourism attraction for it also carries along the tag of heritage.

– Satpal Maharaj, Tourism Minister, Uttarakhand

Photo by Tilak Soni/ Where Eagles Dare

The Uttarakhand tourism department also fiddling with the idea to construct another skywalk in Har ki Paudi in Haridwar.  Apart from that, Uttarakhand department have two more revolutionary ideas to improve tourism all across Uttarakhand. Read about it here.