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Uttarakhand School Headmasters to receive ‘Promotion’ as New Year’s Gift

While there are speculations that 2017 will turn out to be a hit or miss, the Uttarakhand School Headmasters have already got a reason to smile as they’ll soon be promoted to the post of ad-hoc Principals in the Government Inter Colleges. The year 2017 has proved to be lucky for the 575 School Headmasters of the State Government High Schools who have been promoted as ad-hoc Principals in the Government Inter Colleges. To add to the New Year surprises, over 50 female teachers will also be appointed as school principals.

Since the state colleges were functioning without a Principal from past few years, the appointment of new school Principals has brought a ray of hope for the students, as they’ll see more of discipline, activities and classes as well. To add icing on top, the school teachers have got yet another reason to celebrate 2017 with mirth, as the transfer orders of hundreds of Government School teachers in Kumaon Mandal was passed on Friday.

With this news came several opinions, while some argued that the newly appointed principals will relish the Rs 7,600 grade pay akin to senior principals, who earned the sum after years of hard work. The others questioned the disparity in promotion as 575 headmasters have been promoted and only 52 headmistresses will get the opportunity to work as a School Principal. Amidst the wave of opinions, a majority of people appreciated the decision that CM took by relaxing the compulsory five-year term for promoting the headmaster to principal’s post.