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Uttarakhand Roadways buses likely to increase their fare

Now a simple journey to Uttarakhand may cost you a little more than expected as the bus fare of Uttarakhand Transport Corporation will increase soon. In regard to this, the Transportation Corporation Headquarter has sent a proposal to the government demanding for a 5 to 10% price hike. The Managing Director BK Sant told that comparing to the other states, Uttarakhand is taking very less bus fare. However, as per the government policies the handicapped, scholars, women, elderly people, freedom fighters will be given a relaxation on the bus fare.

The corporation’s financial condition is a deteriorating year after another, therefore, a proposal has been sent to increase 10 to 15% bus fare. The Transport Corporation has crores of loan in their name and with the increase in the prices of oil, the bus fare needs to be hiked in order to write off the debts. However, the proposal has been sent and it solely depends on the government whether they will increase the bus fare or not.

Src: Amar Ujala