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Smart meters for electricity in Uttarakhand to stop power theft

In order to resolve the issues of power thefts and non-payment of bills, the Uttarakhand Power Cooperation Limited (UPCL) will soon install smart meters in households as well as industrial units. If any discrepancy is found, the electricity will be cut off directory from the office. The Union government is hellbent to reduce the power thefts and improve the financial situation of the power corporations in the state. It is only after the pressure from the Centre, that metering system is getting an overhaul.

At present, prepaid meter systems are in place which is being used in temporary electricity connections. The power corporation will install smart meters in households and industrial units. Currently, large industrial organizations have Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) system installed in which meter adding is taken at the UPCL headquarters. Once these smart meters are in place in every households, these connections will also be monitored from the UPCL headquarters and power can be cut off directly if any discrepancy and ill-activity is found.

The smart meters are expected to be installed within one year.

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