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Uttarakhand to host national agricultural fair ‘Organic Uttarakhand’ for the first time

Uttarakhand will host the national agricultural fair for the first time to bring together the farmers of India under one roof for knowledge sharing and showcasing agricultural prowess. Named ‘Organic Uttarakhand’, the fair will allow progressive farmers of the state to interact with the farmers of different states such as Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Haryana, Kerala, Jammu & Kashmir and Punjab etc.

The agricultural department of Uttarakhand is leaving no stones unturned in preparations for this event. The agricultural fair is expected to take place in the month of October-November this year. The government will seek assistance of various agricultural organisation such as APEDA, BIOFACH and ECOVA for the proper conduct of the fair.

The fair will allow farmers from  Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Haryana, Kerala and Punjab etc. to interact with each other. (Image Source)

Aromatic plant cultivation to boost income of Uttarakhand farmers

With the help of proper marketing, the government is planning to encourage the cultivation of aromatic plants to improve the income of farmers in Uttarakhand. Aromatic plants such as lemon grass, Japanese mint, Rose and Cinnamon have great demand in the international market. Due to the less requirement of water, less prone to vermin attacks and ability to grow in hilly slopes make aromatic plants an ideal cash crops for cultivation in Uttarakhand. The cultivation of these aromatic plants could easily double the income of farmers.

Inputs from Amar Ujala