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Uttarakhand HC gives 7 recommendations to reduce road accidents in state

With the increasing number of road fatalities in Uttarakhand, the Nainital high court has questioned the state government’s inadequacy and even suggested remedial measures. Taking up three different public interest litigation (PILs), the high court not only expanded their scope but also questioned the government why the traffic management in the state should not be outsourced to an expert agency.

During the course of hearings, the High Court also offered seven important directions and recommendations on how to reduce road accidents and improve traffic management in the mountain state.

  1. Ban transport of iron bars in smaller vehicles: On June 18, the high court banned transportation of iron rods (sariya), iron sheets, girdles, steel pipes etc. beyond the structural length of the vehicle. The ban will remain in effect until government formulate a proper law to ban them outright.
  2. Cancel licences of drivers using cellphone: High Court also directed government to issue necessary instructions to cancel the licences of those found using cell phones while driving. Until, the state comes out with a necessary amendment/notification, a fine of Rs. 5000 will be charged from every violator.
  3.  No two-wheelers on the road without helmet: Taking judicial notice of the fact that 50% of the motorists are not using protective gear as ordained in the section 129 of Motor Vehicles Act, the court ordered no two wheeler driver be permitted to ply their vehicle without wearing the helmet of ISI mark.
  4. Don’t issues driving license to minors: The High Court has directed the Uttarakhand government to make sure no licences are issued to minors and were not allowed to drive any vehicle.
  5. Book a parking space before entering Nainital: Keeping in mind the traffic management in Nainital which is at its worst, the court directed authorities to make sure those coming to hill stations have made parking arrangements beforehand.
  6. Give enough rest to traffic cops: The HC directed authorities to make sure traffic personnel are given sufficient rest while discharging duties in summer by having rotating shifts. The HC also ordered that such personnel be provided masks to protect them from injurious gases and fumes while discharging traffic duties.
  7. Reforms, need of the hour: On outsourcing of police and traffic functions, the HC in its order on police reforms, while citing various reports, said outsourcing of police functions can be achieved by using three alternative methods — civilianisation, privatization, and public-private partnership.

Inputs from Hindustan Times