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Uttarakhand Govt to retire unproductive and incompetent officials above 50 years of age

Uttarakhand government, under the aegis of CM Trivendra Rawat, has ordered to retire inefficient and lazy officials who are more than 50 years old. Following the footsteps of central government, the Uttarakhand government will remove the unproductive employees under the  “compulsory retirement” provision. In an order sent to all the departments, Uttarakhand Chief Secretary S Ramaswamy have asked the respective departments to evaluate the performance of government officials who are above 50 years of age.  The chief secretary asked to set up a screening committee for this purpose.

“For good administration, it is important that dead wood be cut.” the order from Chief Secretary said. The order also stated that decision for “compulsory retirement” will also be based on work done in past years. In case the screening committee meeting haven’t been held in departments, they are required to so do for the year 2016-17. S Ramaswamy made it clear that persons let off under “compulsory retirement” provision were not being punished but the decision was taken entirely in “public interest”.

Inputs from The Indian Express