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U’khand Govt. Plans to form a Special Task Force of Youth to Protect Himalayas

Vijendra Rawat, the patron of the Shiv Sena Institution in Uttarkashi said that to save the Himalayas, a special multipurpose task force is needed. On the behalf of the institution’s RIT, the Lok Sabha Petition Committee has asked the Home Ministry to form a blueprint for the conservation of the Himalayas within three months. During a press conference, Vijendra Rawat the patron of Shiv Sena institution said that in the year 2015, he had filed a RIT in the Lok Sabha Petition Committee for forming a multipurpose nature task force. The 14 member committee headed by the Parliamentarian Bhagat Singh Koshiyari after hearing the government and institution’s side presented a 24-page report to the Home Ministry.

U'khand Govt. Plans to form a Special Task Force of Youth to Protect Himalayas

Src: A multipurpose special task force will be formed by the Youth to Protect the Himalayas

Rawat shared that in his RIT he has suggested the government to include the local youth in the task force who will be trained for disaster management, to fight the forest fires and to increase afforestation, for which a stipulated amount of Rs 5,000 will be given to them. This will be a step towards controlling migration and for saving crores of rupees of the government. Vijendra Rawat told that after the hearing of the plea by Lok Sabha Petition Committee, the report will be further sent to the Central Home Ministry which will present the blueprint within three months. He further said that if the government will deploy around 20,000 youth, then the yearly expense will cost around Rs one crore twenty thousand only.

Src: Hindustan