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Uttarakhand government approves revised adventure sports policy

Weeks after Uttarakhand high court banned adventure sports such as rafting, kayaking and canoeing due to improper regulations and directed to form a policy on adventure sports, the cabinet unanimously approved the revised policy on adventure sports. The new policy out rightly ban the use of intoxicants by tourists while indulging in any adventure sport.

As per the finance minister Prakash Pant, the new amended rules on river rafting, kayaking and canoeing are more practical than before and would make adventure sports safe in Uttarakhand.  The government also approved a new aero sports policy which sets up age restrictions for paragliding from 14 to 65 years. The policy which also fixed the minimum age of raft operators,  got the cabinet’s nod in a meeting chaired by CM Trivendra Rawat.

Other Key points in the new Adventure Sports  policy

  • Technical committee will be formed to monitor activities of paragliding operators
  • Paragliding operators have to register themselves under the new policy and have to adhere to certain norms of safety
  • Vehicles including the ones carrying rafts will not e allowed within 100m of Ganga
  • Wearing safety helmets will rafting will be mandatory
  • Maximum 10 person allowed in the larger raft including guide and 8 person allowed in smaller raft
  • If an operator is found flouting the norm, his license will be revoked and raft will be seized
  • Prior permission required from authorities for organizing expeditions in any river

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Inputs from Indian Express