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Uttarakhand to get 11,000 army cattle, to be handed over to dairy farmers

As per the court order issued in late June, all military cattle will be transferred to state governments and dairy cooperative for a token amount and Uttarakhand is set to receive a largest number of military cattle. The livestock is being bought for Rs.1000 per animal with additional 3,000 as transportation cost from army dairy farms in Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. By end of October, Uttarakhand is likely to receive 11,000 army cattle out of which 2300 has been already purchased from the Army for the state-run dairy cooperative farmers.

Uttarakhand is the first to purchase 11,000 cattle from the Army, and dairy cooperative members from across the state would be handed over five animals each. One the entire transportation is over by October, Uttarakhand will produce 2.6 lakh liters of milk per day.

– Meenakshi Sundaram, secretary, (animal husbandry and cooperative)

The state government have received a tremendous response from the dairy cooperative which have close to 52,000 dairy farmers. As per Mrs. Meenakshi, Uttarakhand is most suitable for milk production and dairy based products. This is one of the reason for such a huge interest from the dairy cooperatives regarding army cattle. The big dairy players were not selected for this scheme as the government wanted to increase the income of small cooperative farmers.

Once the cows have been handed over to the farmers,  the milk production would be monitored from all cooperatives and further marketing strategy will be planned out.

Inputs from Times of India, Original report by Yogesh Kumar