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Uttarakhand Corona Virus Update

26 Mar 2020

Govt. announces insurance cover for ‘Covid-19 warriors’

Amid the ongoing corona crisis, the government has announced an insurance cover for all the ‘Covid-19 warriors’, including health officers, media persons, police, doctors and medical staff, who are risking their own lives to save others.

26 Mar 2020 

Schools can’t ask for fees until the lockdown is lifted: Govt.

Amid the latest corona virus lockdown, Uttarakhand government on Wednesday issued a notice regarding the school fees and stated that school cannot take fees from students until the lockdown is lifted and schools are reopened.

26 Mar 2020 

Seven suspected coronavirus patients were quarantined in Rudrapur

Seven suspected coronavirus patients from the same family were quarantined in Udham Singh Nagar district on Wednesday. The suspects are related to a woman from Pilibhit who has been tested positive for Covid-19.

26 Mar 2020 

Trainee IFS- the first corona patient of Uttarakhand tests negative of corona

The first corona patient of Uttarakhand has tested negative of corona. He was a trainee IFS and was admitted to Doon hospital. However, the team of doctors says that currently the trainee officers will be kept under observation for 14 more days and will be considered fully healthy if the second report too will show negative results.  

25 Mar 2020

Fifth corona case confirmed in Uttarakhand

Another corona positive case has come to light amid the lockdown in Uttarakhand. A 26-year-old man has been confirmed in Dugadda in Kotdwar. With this, Uttarakhand’s corona positive cases have risen to five.

25 Mar 2020

PM extends lockdown for 21 more days

At eight o’clock on Tuesday night, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the people regarding corona virus and extends lockdown in India for the next 21 days.

24 Mar 2020

Corona testing labs set up at AIIMS and IIP.

For the testing of Corona Virus, the cabinet has approved to set up the Labs at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Rishikesh and Indian Institute of Petroleum (IIP) Dehradun. Earlier the tests were only done at medical college Haldwani.

24 Mar 2020

Boundaries of Uttarakhand soon to be sealed: Trivendra Singh Rawat

Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat said that to make the lockdown in Uttarakhand more effective, the government will soon seal the boundaries of the state. People outside the state will not be able to come to Uttarakhand nor can anyone go outside the state.

24 Mar 2020

Essential shops to remain open from 7- 10 AM

Essential goods shops, ATMs and banks will remain open from seven to ten in the morning. There will also be a complete ban on the operation of private vehicles. After this the undeclared curfew will be implemented. Strict action will be taken against those who leave the house after the scheduled time.

24 Mar 2020

Govt. to distribute advance ration for three months

The state government will distribute ration to 23 lakh ration card holders in advance for three months in April.  Ration for the month of April will be given to consumers from April 1 to April 15 and after April 15, two months ration will be distributed in advance.

24 Mar 2020

SSSC stops the application process for 1200 Group C posts

The Subordinate Services Selection Commission has stopped the application process for more than one thousand posts of Group C category. A new date will be set for applying on behalf of the Commission. Due to the lockdown in the state, public service centers, cyber cafes were closed, candidates were not able to apply online.

23 Mar 2020

Forth positive corona case of Uttarakhand

Another case of corona infection has been reported in Uttarakhand amid the lockdown. The infection has been confirmed in an American citizen on Monday. This citizen is admitted in Doon Hospital. So far, four people have been confirmed in the state. The 49-year-old American citizen was admitted to Doon Medical College Hospital on March 20, he came to India on a tourist visa.

22 Mar 2020

Uttarakhand under lockdown till 31st March

The state government has declared the state as lockdown till 31 March 2020. Public transport, shops, factories will all remain closed during this period. Most essential services have been exempted from this. Gathering of more than five people has also been banned in public places.

21 Mar 2020

Uttarakhand Board’s high school and intermediate exams canceled

Seeing the increasing threat of Corona virus in the state, the government has postponed The Council Examination 2020. The order issued by Education Secretary R Meenakshi Sundaram states that the written examination has been postponed till further orders.

21 Mar 2020

Govt. to transfer 500 rupees to the bank accounts of construction and other workers

On the lines of Uttar Pradesh, the Uttarakhand government will also transfer 500 rupees to the bank accounts of construction and other workers. Under the guidelines of Labour Minister Harak Singh, this order has been issued. The money will be delivered to the workers’ accounts on Monday.

21 Mar 2020

Two more trains canceled till March 31

Railways canceled operations of two more trains from March 21 to March 31. The canceled trains are 12017/18 Dehradun-New Delhi Shatabdi Express and 14309/14310 Ujjain-Dehradun Ujjain Express. Besides, 14265/14266 Varanasi-Dehradun Janta Express also stands canceled. 100% refunds to be initiated in this respect.

21 Mar 2020

IMA stops all outside drills and night exercises

The Indian Military Academy (IMA) has stopped all outside drills and night exercises of Gentlemen Cadets (GCs) who are in the midst of training modules at the academy. This decision has been taken to fight the Covid-19 virus threat.

21 Mar 2020

Three Piran Kaliyar shrine closed

Uttarakhand Waqf Board (UWB) to avoid mass gatherings in view of the Covid-19 threat has closed the three Piran Kaliyar-based Sufi shrines Dargah Sabir Pak, Dargah Imaam Sahab and Kilkilee Sahab with immediate effect.

21 Mar 2020

SDRF teams deployed to sanitize govt. buildings

Special teams of the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) have been deployed to sanitize government buildings to stop the spread of coronavirus in the state.

This decision is being taken as government buildings are visited by hundreds of people on a daily basis.

21 Mar 2020

Health department issues advisory asking people to stay at home

Advising senior citizens and children below 10 years to remain at home till March 31, Uttarakhand health secretary Nitesh Jha on Friday issued a health advisory. The advisory stated that only elderlies who are into medical professions or those engaged in essential services, can step out but they must take all necessary precautions.

21 Mar 2020

Uttarakhand to Himachal bus service stops

The Uttarakhand Roadways has banned the buses going to Himachal Pradesh. The decision has been taken only after the Himachal Pradesh government has banned the entry of buses from other states. At the same time, due to the huge reduction in the number of passengers, only 25 percent of the buses are being operated. Due to which roadways is losing lakhs every day.

21 Mar 2020

Tourists will be refunded their advance booking amount

Uttarakhand Tourism Secretary Dilip Javalkar said that for the prevention of corona virus, the government has banned the entry of new tourists to the state and instructed hoteliers and travel agents that tourists who have paid by booking advance. They will be refunded their money.

20 Mar 2020

Tourist entry banned in Uttarakhand

As a major step towards the Corona Virus precaution, Tourist entry has been completely banned in Uttarakhand until further notice.

20 Mar 2020

FRI Campus in Dehradun put under lockdown

After 3 Trainee Officers have tested positive for Corona Virus, DM Dehradun has ordered a lockdown of FRI Campus as a preventive measure.

20 Mar 2020

Corona: Two more tested positive in Uttarakhand

Two more cases of fatal coronavirus infection have been reported in Uttarakhand. The lab report of the Medical College Haldwani has confirmed the positive corona infection in the two trainee IFS officer of Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy.

Both are kept in isolation and are being treated at government hospitals. With this the number of virus-infected patients increased to three in the state.

20 Mar 2020

First Corona-infected trainee IFS and other suspects’ condition normal

The condition of the first corona-infected trainee IFS admitted to the isolation ward of Doon Medical College Hospital is now normal. He is under the supervision of Specialist doctors.

The health of eight suspected patients hospitalized is also normal. The condition of five other students that were suspected of corona and were admitted to the isolation ward at the Coronation Hospital is also normal.

March 20, 2020

Govt. stopped the bus operations to these routes

Uttarakhand Transport Corporation has stopped the operation of 60 buses plying on the route of Dehradun to New Delhi with immediate effect.

Moreover, obeying the Jammu and Kashmir government’s order of prohibiting the entry of vehicles from other states into J&K, the operation of ordinary buses including Volvo going from Doon to Katra (Jammu) has also been limited only till Chandigarh.

The Nepal government has also stopped its buses coming to Dehradun after the latter banned the bus operations to Nepal’s Mahendra Nagar.

Authorities have also stopped the operation of buses going from Haridwar to Rupaidiha Nepal border with immediate effect to save passengers from the infection.

March 20, 2020

Many trains canceled to avoid Covid spread

The railway has canceled the Doon Naini Jan Shatabdi Express running from Dehradun to Kathgodam from 21 March to 31 March along with other trains.

The numbers of the other canceled trains are: 15059/15060, 15056/15055, 14555/14556, 12527/12528 12092/12091.

March 20, 2020

Nainital hotels to be remained closed till March 31

In the wake of Covid-19 threat, the Nainital Hotel and Restaurant Association has decided to keep all hotels closed from today till March 31.

March 19, 2020

All shopping malls to be closed till March 31st

The government, in another safety precaution measure against the Covid-19 has ordered all the shopping malls to suspend their operations till 31st March.

March 19, 2020

Uttarakhand order govt. employees to work from home

Keeping in mind the COVID 19 threat, Uttarakhand government ordered all State employees to work from home for eight days, from March 19 to March 25. Departments that will be excluded from this instruction are health, police, transport, food and water supply, electricity and sanitation.

With this, Uttarakhand becomes the first state do to so as few other states have issued advisories and not orders for the same.

19 Mar 2020

Platform tickets to be costlier amid corona scare

In the Railway stations of Dehradun, Haridwar, and Roorkee, the price of platform tickets has been increased from Rs 10 to Rs 50 from March 19 to April 15 to avoid the unnecessary crowd.

19 Mar 2020

SDRF deployed outside isolation wards

In order to restrict the movement of common people inside the quarantined ward, the state disaster response force (SDRF) team has been deployed in the isolation wards of each hospital.

March 19, 2020

Entry of foreigners banned in Mansa Devi

In Haridwar’s famous temple Mansa Devi entry of foreign nationals has been banned in the wake of the Covid-19 scare. Moreover, nobody will be allowed to enter the temple’s Sanctum Sanctorum.

19 Mar 2020

Ganga Aarti banned for Devotees

The participation of devotees of both residents, and pilgrims in the most famous Har- Ki- Pauri aarti has been banned as a part of precaution in this outbreak of Coronavirus. Triveni Ghat of Rishikesh will also not accommodate any kind of devotee. Moreover, many famous temples such as Kainchi Dham, Haidakhan Ashram in Nainital, Jageshwar Dham in Almora, Patal Bhuwaneshwar in Pithoragarh, Sai Baba temple, Sakya Centre in Dehradun and Neelkanth temple in Rishikesh have been banned due to the Corona threat.

18 Mar 2020

ESMA To Stop Strike Of Doctors And Health Workers

In Uttarakhand, the government has implemented ESMA to stop the strike of doctors and health workers against reservation in promotion. On Tuesday, the government has issued a notification banning the employees’ strike for six months.

16 Mar 2020

First Corona Case In Uttarakhand

Alarming the state’s people, Uttarakhand reports its first positive case of Coronavirus, a trainee forest service officer of the Indian Forest Service (IFS) who recently returned from an international study tour, Spain tested positive for COVID-19. 

The officer along with his 62 trainee officers had returned from Finland and Russia on March 11. As a precautionary measure, The Forest Research Institute, Dehradun has been closed till March 31 for all kinds of visitors.

15 Mar 2020

Govt. implements the Epidemic Disease COVID-19 Regulation Act – 2020

The Uttarakhand government has decided to implement the Epidemic Disease COVID-19 Regulation Act – 2020. Under the act, the government will have all the rights to prevent Coronavirus in all its capacity, even to suspend all the gatherings whenever required. In violation of rules, a provision of imprisonment from 1 month to 6 months has been put under Section 188 of IPC. Moreover, Private buildings will also be used like hospitals when needed.

15 Mar 2020

Uttarakhand govt declares coronavirus an epidemic

The Uttarakhand government has declared novel coronavirus an epidemic, under the Epidemic Diseases Act 1897, consequently has ordered the shut down of all multiplexes, cinema halls, degree colleges and technical institutes till March 31.