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Undercover DM travels as a pilgrim, files case against heli agency

Not only the weather but sometimes the government bodies bring great surprises for the people of Uttarakhand as this time District Magistrate, Mangesh Ghildiyal has shaken the grounds of the heli companies, exploiting the travellers to pay more. On Monday, the charismatic Mangesh Ghildiyal DM Rudraprayag did an undercover operation in which he disguised himself as a traveller and reached Guptkashi, where he did an investigation on the heli companies and their offices.

During this investigation, he also filed a case against a fraud heli service agent who accepted the airfare from a traveller but did not offer the service in return. DM also gave a warning to the heli service companies that if more cases of overrating and black ticketing will come up, then the license of such corrupt heli companies will be discontinued.

Undercover DM Mangesh Ghildiyal travels as a pilgrim, files case against a heli agency

Src: Rudraprayag DM Mangesh Ghidliyal

Mission Guptkashi Accomplished by Rudraprayag DM Mangesh Ghildiyal

It all started on Monday when Rudraprayag DM Mangesh Ghildiyal headed towards Guptkashi dressed as a commoner, without his gunner and his official vehicle. On reaching here, he took rounds of several heli companies and its offices. During his survey, he collected valuable information from the employees deployed at the helipad.

Here he met Amresh Kumar Sharma, a traveller who reached Phata from Noida after booking two online tickets, for which he was charged Rs 17,225. Amresh told the DM that he submitted the fee in the agent’s account but on reaching here at the due date i.e. 22 May, he couldn’t find the helicopter and the helipad from where his flight would take off as the agent couldn’t be contacted. Lending his ears to the traveller’s plight, DM has filed a case against the agency Highernikar at the Phata situated Police Station.

Src: Amar Ujala