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U’khand rejoices as Germany will lent Rs 100 crores to increase the export of herbs

To increase the quality and export of rare and medicinal herbs in the International markets, Germany will lend Rs 100 crores to India. This lump sum amount will be offered for technical cooperation to nurse the herbs. The West Himalayas is a home to several rare herbs but due to its poor quality, these herbs fail to match up with the international standards and aren’t sold out at higher prices. If the business of growing and selling these invaluable herbs will skyrocket then new job possibilities will be created in the hilly areas and a cap will be put on migration.

100 crores will be offered by a German agency for increasing the production and quality of herbs growing in the hilly areas

This highly ambitious project of GIZ, a German agency offering Rs 100 crore for technical cooperation will create millions of opportunities for Uttarakhand as well as Himachal Pradesh. Keeping this subject matter as the highlight; a meeting was called by Director General Forest and Environment Dr SS Negi on Wednesday. During the meetup, different aspects of the project were explored. Since the herbs of Uttarakhand and Himachal have failed to match with the international standards they have suffered heavy loss in terms of export.

A herb centre has been set up at IT Park on Sahastradhara road in Dehradun

Countries like Britain, France and Italy are carrying extensive research to discover such herbs. After getting the financial support from GIZ new dimensions will be created for Uttarakhand. The development of herbs in Uttarakhand will be done by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). With the initial budget of Rs 16 crores, a herb centre has been set up at IT Park, Dehradun. Soon Infrastructure and Technical system will be created by utilizing the funds given by German Agency GIZ.