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UDAN Scheme: Low-cost flights from Dehradun-Pantnagar approved by Centre

The central government on Friday included Uttarakhand in its regional air connectivity under the UDAN scheme. With this scheme, Uttarakhand hopes to boost tourism as it will make air travel affordable for budget tourists. The ministry of  civil aviation has given its approval for Dehradun-Pantnagar air service, which is expected to start in February. In addition to that, airstrips at Pithoragarh, Almora, Srinagar, Gauchar and Lansdowne will also be interlinked under the scheme.

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For tourism in the state, this scheme is a blessing in disguise as budget tourists will be able to fly to tourists destination by paying nominal air fares. Subsidized air fares will be in the range of Rs. 1400 to Rs. 2000 per person for fixed wing aircraft and Rs. 3000 to Rs. 5000 per person for helicopter services. Some aviation companies such as Heritage Aviation and Deccan Airlines have already approached with offers.

The major advantage of having low cost air fights will be the less and less of time consuming and tiresome road journey as well as harassment of taxi operators who try to swindle tourists. Apart from that, such flight will also make remote and lesser known destination in Uttarakhand easily accessible to tourists.

Inputs from Hindustan Times