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Uttarakhand News: Top 3 BJP leaders who are favorites to become CM

Gujiya, the sweet dumpling prepared on the eve of Holi, tasted sweeter to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) as they received a historic mandate during the 2017 Uttarakhand assembly elections. In the latest Uttarakhand news, poll results declared on March 11, the BJP recorded a landslide victory winning an impressive 56 of the 70 assembly seats. The Congress party was reduced to mere 12 seats hinting the  growing disillusion for Congress among the voters. With absolute majority, BJP will be able to form the government without any outside support.

Uttarakhand News

With half a dozen CM candidates, BJP faces a tough task of choosing a Chief Minister for Uttarakhand. (Image Source)

However, the saffron party is still undecided on the CM candidate for Uttarakhand. The BJP top brass are looking for a candidate who will deliver best in terms of governance in the state. Apart from that, the candidate should be well in tune with the party workers and newly-elected legislators as well. While the BJP think tanks brainstorm on the decision, we take a look at the top 3 CM candidates for Uttarakhand:

1. Satpal Maharaj

Uttarakhand News

Ex- Congressman Satpal Maharaj is a serious contender for the CM post in Uttarakhand. (Image Source)

Satpal Maharaj, who defected from Congress and joined BJP prior to 2014 Lok Sabha Elections is the top contender for the Uttarakhand CM position. The son of a spiritual master, Satpal Maharaj worked at ground level for BJP for two years before getting the party ticket to contest for 2017 assembly elections.  According to the BJP aide-de-camp, he is also favored by RSS, BJP’s parent organization. Maharaj contested from Chaubattakhal seat in Pauri district and won handsomely with more than 20,000 votes in his favor. Hover, due to his political past, the party cadre in Uttarakhand are not entirely amused. There are no criminal cases against Satpal Maharaj.

2. Trivendra Singh Rawat

Uttarakhand News

Trivendra Singh may not be a popular face, but his close ties with RSS could work in his favor. (Image Source)

BJP may also emulate the strategy adopted in Haryana by introducing a fresh face for the CM post in Uttarakhand. Trivendra Singh Rawat emerges as the likely contender for the top post. Known for his unflinching loyalty and a personal favorite of PM Modi and BJP supremo Amit Shah, Trivendra Singh contested from the Doiwala constituency and won comfortably. During the 2014 Jharkhand elections, Singh was influential as the state-in charge and under his guidance BJP came to power. This performance may be the deciding factor for his Uttarakhand CM race and he may also be favoured by the party workers over Satpal Maharaj. There are no criminal cases against Trivendra Singh Rawat.

3. Prakash Pant

Uttarakhand News

With enough administrative experience under his belt, Prakash Pant is a likely contender for the CM post. (Image Source)

Another name that is making waves in the BJP corridors is that of Prakash Pant, a senior lawmaker with ample legislative experience. Prakash Pant contested and won from Pithoragarh constituency. Apart from that, Pant had also been the parliamentary affairs minister besides being the first Speaker of the Uttarakhand assembly. The fact that he was invited to the parliamentary board meeting in Delhi by BJP leadership signals his name being considered for the CM post. There are no criminal cases against Prakash Pant.


According to the recent Uttarakhand news,  Bharatiya Janata Party is likely to announce Uttarakhand Chief Minister in the next few days. With PM Modi ensuring the people of Uttarakhand a clean and efficient government in the state, it all comes down to the candidate’s ability to deliver the promises made by the Prime Minister to the people, irrespective of his age, political stature or administrative experience.