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Check out these three dream projects for Uttarakhand tourism!

Taking cues from his foreign visits, Uttarakhand tourism minister Satpal Maharaj is determinant in realizing his three dream projects he had in mind to encourage tourism in Uttarakhand and make them a reality. The minister had made his intentions clear to the officials and asked them to create blueprints for these dream projects. Here are the list of three Uttarakhand tourism projects Satpal Maharaj want to become reality soon:

1. Mahabharata Circuit

Devbhoomi Uttarakhand is known is for its ancient shrine and pilgrimages and find mentions in ancient religious scriptures. Many places in Uttarakhand have connections with Mahabharata era. It is believed during their exile, Pandavas wandered all over Uttarakhand and built temples and shrines. Satpal Maharaj wishes to highlight and connect all these places such as Lakhamandal and Guptkashi so that tourists can get a glimpse of India’s mythological past.

Uttarakhand tourism

Lakhamandal temple complex  in Uttarakhand have mythological connotations related to Mahabharata. (Image Source)

2. Sky Walk

Taking cues from the recently opened 4,300 meters-high skywalk in China, Uttarakhand tourism minister believes our state have all the potential to create something like that to attract tourists, especially the ones seeking thrill and adventure.  A skywalk is a high-altitude bridge that has a glass floor which gives an illusion of walking on air.

UPDATE: Skywalk at Nelong valley, Uttarakhand!

Uttarakhand tourism

A skywalk in China. (Image Source)

3. Submarine ride in Tehri Lake

Satpal Maharaj is also keen to introduce submarines to the Tehri Lake in order to offer tourists a glimpse of the submerged town of Old Tehri. The town was slowly submerged to create the reservoir for the Tehri Dam in the 1990s. Buildings and structures like Clock Tower, Purana Darbar, Naya Darbar, Swami Ram Teerath Ashram, Main market area, Pakoriwali Gali of the submerged town could become major tourist attractions.

Uttarakhand tourism

The image is for representation purposes only. (Image Source)