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Swachh Dehradun: App that allows you send garbage pic, DMC to clear it within 48 hours

An app launched by Dehradun Municipal Cooperation (DMC) last month is slowly gaining popularity among the residents. Since its launch, the app has registered 140 complaints regarding non-attended garbage in the city. Out of these, 118 complaints have been resolved by the DMC by picking the garbage within 48 hours. With over a hundred downloads already, the app could turn out to be a great tool in bringing together administration and public in an effort to keep the capital city clean.

The app is available in Google Play store where it can be downloaded free of cost. It allows user to click the picture of a garbage dump anywhere in the city. Send the picture along with its location and municipal corporation will collect the garbage within 48 hours. Municipal commissioner Ravneet Cheema himself reviews the complaints sent via app. Dehradun Municipal Corporation launched the android app on 5 August.