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Start-Up portal launches in Uttarakhand, 7 startups companies accredited

In order to encourage startup and entrepreneurship in Uttarakhand, the state government has started an online portal. With the help of this online portal, the entrepreneurs can easily filed application for their respective startups. The government have already accredited startup status to seven companies which will be provided financial help for buying machinery and marketing. Thee accredited stratus will also get other facilities as other MSMEs.

The seven companies which were accredited startup status are Sunfox Technology Pvt. Ltd; Sthithi Innovation; Wealth Status Technology; Agricafe Business; Maestro Travel Ventures Pvt. Ltd; Moxy Labs and Pravartan Technologies Pvt. Ltd. All these companies have been founded by engineering, mechanical students of the state who want to turn their vision and innovation into a business.

The state government have included agriculture, health, biotechnology, education, tourism, food processing, Ayurveda and pharmaceutical sectors in their start up policy. The startups which focuses on these sectors will be encouraged by the government.

No Start-up status for companies with more than Rs. 25 crore turnover

According to the start up policy, only new companies will be considered for start-up status. Companies, organizations or firms which are not more than seven year old from the date of registration will come under the purview of start-up policy. However, for bio technology companies this time period is extended to 10 years. The annual turnover of the companies should be less than 25 crore.

Inputs from Amar Ujala