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Start-Up Council set up in Uttarakhand to encourage entrepreneurship

A Start-Up council has been set up in Uttarakhand which will adhere to the start-up policy formulated by the Uttarakhand government. Chief secretary (Uttarakhand) will be appointed as the chairperson of the council. Apart from that, senior officials and experts in several departments such as MSME, Finance, Information Technology, Science and Technology, Industry Directorate will also be nominated to the council. A notification has been issued from Chief secretary (Micro Small, Medium Enterprises) regarding this decision.

The Uttarakhand government has enforced the start-up policy to encourage capital investments in the state and train Uttarakhand youth, who are educated at Technical Education Institute, to become entrepreneurs. The start-up council aims to recognize and support potential start-ups in Uttarakhand and setup incubation centers to encourage entrepreneurship. The government has set a target of establishing around 200 start-ups in the state by 2019.

Inputs from Amar Ujala