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Snow Leopard Spotted in Kedarnath for the first Time

Now snow leopard is being spotted in the most precarious areas of Uttarakhand where nobody could have ever imagined its existence. After the photo of snow leopard was captured in the camera trap, now the Forest Department is eager to find more snow cats in Kedarnath area. This visually beautiful treat has persuaded the Forest Department to install more such cameras at other high altitude areas. To keep the poachers away, the areas where these cameras will be installed haven’t been disclosed yet.

The population of snow leopard is to be increased in the 20 land areas of the world within five years

Under the Project funded by World Bank a special area has been selected for the conservation and keeping a check on the population of snow leopard. Uttarakhand’s Nanda Devi, Askot, Gangotri and Govindgarh have been considered as the inherited areas inhabited by the snow leopard. About 40 cameras have been installed in each of these areas. Since the number of leopards frequenting the area has increased, now more trap cameras will be installed in the snow shrouded areas.

The photos taken by the camera are being examined by Indian Forest Life Organization

On the basis of photos taken by the trap cameras, the exact number of snow leopards will be recorded. Earlier the scientists were keeping a check on the number of snow leopards by examining the DNA collected from their faecal matter found in the area. At present, the number of snow leopards hasn’t been recorded in Uttarakhand. According to the Central Government, there are over 400-700 snow leopards in India out of which 150 are estimated to be in Uttarakhand.