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Folk singer Kishan Mahipal to lead Uttarakhand folk music festival in Singapore

Singapore will host Garhwali folk musical and dance night on August 6 for the Uttarakhand natives residing in the country. Prominent folk singer Kishan Mahipal along with folk singer Sangeeta Dhondiyal and emerging artist Shashwat Pandit will perform their songs in the music festival. The team of artists will leave for Singapore on August 4.

Garhwali singer Sangeeta Dhondiyal [Image Source]

The cultural festival is organized by Uttarakhand Association of Singapore (UAS) with Garhwali folk music and dance performances 6 at Polytechnic Town Hall on August. With many popular sings and albums under their name, Kishan Mahipal and Sangeeta Dhondiyal are popular folk artists from Uttarakhand and have given performances all over the world while young Shashwat Pandit presents Garhwali songs with new music and style.

Shashwat J Pandit [Image Source]

The team of musicians travelling with the singers consists of Subash Pandey (Dholak), Vinod Chauhan (Keyboard) and Ravi Thapa (Music Pad).

Inputs from Amar Ujala