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Rishikesh, Pithoragarh to become Municipal Corporations, Know Why?

BJP Government is all set to increase the number of Municipal Corporations in Uttarakhand by hundred, for this the Urban Development Department has chalked out the strategies to speed up their work. CM Trivendra Rawat has chosen Madan Kaushik to handle the thread of the Urban Development Department. Initially, Rishikesh and Pithoragarh will be bestowed with the stature of being the new Municipal Corporations. While the increasing Village Councils will bag the title of Notified Area Council.

Rishikesh, Pithoragarh to become Municipal Corporations

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Why Rishikesh and Pithoragarh are considered as the strong contenders for Municipal Corporations

The population of Rishikesh has increased by leaps and bounds in the recent years. Also, a considerable area of Tehri and Pauri is also attached to it, which from nowhere appears to be a part of Rishikesh. Especially the area between Mun ki Reti and Swarg Ashram which sprawls over Tehri and Pauri district is considered to be a part of Rishikesh. Therefore, the expectations are high with Rishikesh to become a Municipal Corporation.

New Municipal Corporations will be introduced in the hilly areas of Uttarakhand

Apart from this, the government is also planning to introduce new Municipal Corporations in the hilly terrains of Uttarakhand, the research for which is still going on. The area between Chamba-Mussoorie is developing at a fast pace, therefore, such places are being considered by the government for developmental purposes.

Rishikesh, Pithoragarh to become Municipal Corporations

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Know the reason behind this new move of BJP

This political move by the BJP Government is being linked with increasing the vote banks in the next election. By making new Municipal Corporations, BJP will have an upper hand in the elections as they can show the noteworthy work they have done in diverse fields when they were in power. Therefore, establishing new Municipal Corporations will surely spread BJP’s wave in Uttarakhand. After Dehradun-Haridwar, now cities like Roorkee, Haldwani, Kashipur and Rudrapur have lined up to compete for municipal corporations.