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Rejoice art lovers! Dehradun to have its first art museum, courtesy of artist Surendra Pal Joshi

A good news for art lovers all over Uttarakhand. Dehradun will soon have its first art museum dedicated mainly to contemporary art form. The museum will encourage and inspire younger generation of artists as well as showcase their art in the museum. Situated in Clock Tower Complex, the art museum is going through final touches and will be inaugurated in the first or second week of July. The art museum is the brainchild of prominent artist from Uttarakhand, Surendra Pal Joshi, who played a major role in making museum a reality.

A helmet created with safety pins – one of the artwork by Surendra Pal Joshi at display in an exhibition. (Image Source)

After a voluntary retirement from the College of Arts in Jaipur, Surendra Pal Joshi returned to Uttarakhand. A native from Almora, he currently resides in Guniyal village. His ambition is to create something beyond the canvas artwork, that would inspire the new generation of artists and artisans in Uttarakhand. He believes, and rightly so, that Uttarakhand is a treasure trove of culture and heritage that can be expressed through the medium of art.

Eminent contemporary artist Surendra Pal Joshi                                                                                                             (Image Source)

The art museum will consist of arts pertaining to 2013 Uttarakhand Disaster as well as and several other artworks and installations that will leave visitors in awe. Surendra Pal Joshi himself have toured various countries with his artwork and have received universal appraise for them. He firmly believes that there is no dearth of talented artists in the state and Uttarakhand, with right exposure, could easily become an attractive art market for art patrons in Delhi and Mumbai.

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