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Post offices in Uttarakhand to have Aadhaar centers for convenience

With the central government linking all its schemes with Unique Identification Number (UID or Aadhaar), some selected post offices in Uttarakhand will soon have Aadhaar centers where people could enroll or update their Aadhar details. With post offices serving as Aadhaar centers, it will be convenient for people, especially in remote part of Uttarakhand, to have their Aadhar card made.

A lot of complaints were being received about the functioning and quality of work by private operators (providing Aadhaar services) from around the country, which is why this decision was taken to set up Aadhaar centers at post offices. The staff in Uttarakhand had undergone adequate training for running the centers.

– Udai Krishna, CPMG, Uttarakhand Postal Circle

In the first phase, the Aadhar centers are being setup at all the 13 General Post Offices (GPO) in each of the 13 districts of Uttarakhand. One of the Aadhar center was inaugurated at Dehradun GPO on July 15. In the second phase, Aadhar centers will be set up in all 318 sub-post offices in the state. Post offices not only have a wider reach down to the remotest of areas also have strong credibility among the public.

Inputs from Hindustan Times