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‘Aap logu ku swagat cha’ : PM Modi welcomes Srinagar crowd in Garhwali

With Uttarakhand going to assembly polls on February 15, BJP is leaving no stones unturned. PM Modi himself flew down to Uttarakhand to address 4 public rallies urging the people to vote for the development in the hilly state. In his last public address which was held in Srinagar,  PM Modi started his speech in Garhwali welcoming the public. He said ‘Aap logu ku swagat chhau‘ which loosely translates to ‘You all are welcome‘. Some may see it as a gimmick to lure the public during the elections but others feel it is an honest attempt by PM Modi to connect with Uttarakhand people.

Uttarakhand Elections 2017

Party workers prepare for the BJP rally ahead of Uttarakhand Elections 2017. (Image Source)

Migration still a major issue in Uttarakhand: PM Modi

In his speech, PM Modi  was critical of the Congress government in Uttarakhand and accused Chief Minister for not taking enough steps to discourage migration. He assured the electoral that if BJP is voted to power, the government will tackle migration with increasing tourism opportunities in the state. The Prime Minister also reminded how Congress has joined hands with Samajwadi Party (SP) in Uttar Pradesh, the same party which was responsible for the infamous Rampur Tiraha incident in 1994 which left 6 activists dead. He also emphasized that the ministers who were against the formation of a separate state have now become chief minister of Uttarakhand themselves.

The Uttarakhand Elections 2017 are scheduled to take place on February 15 and results will be declared on March 11.