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Delay in Plastic Ban, Uttarakhand High Court demands explanation

Uttarakhand High Court on Friday summoned Director of Urban Development, D.S. Gabriyal, and demanded explanation regarding the delay in the implementation of plastic ban in the state as well as what necessary steps have been taken at administrative level by the government. Honorable senior judges Justice Rajiv Sharma and Justice Sudhanshu Dhulia heard the case on Friday and released the following statement after hearing:

“The court finds the actions taken by the officials regarding the waste management plan to be grossly inadequate. The delay in the implementation has resulted in people residing in the low lying areas forced to use the polluted water for their consumption. This not only increases the threat of serious diseases in the vicinity but the use of plastic has been harmful to the human and animals alike.”

Plastic ban

Uttarakhand HC demanded explanation from the officials regarding the delay in plastic ban.

The high court, in stern words, ordered the respective officials to take immediate steps for the implementation of this waste management project at earliest and also educate the masses and school children about the negative impact of polythene have in our life and environment.