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Uttarakhand Organic Agriculture Bill to give organic farming legal backing

Uttarakhand government will soon bring a law to provide organic farming in the state a legal backing of that the interest of organic farmers as are protected. It will also ensure that farmers fetch high returns for their farm produce, which is in great demand in domestic as well as foreign market.

For this, Organic Agriculture Bill has been drafted formulated with the help of experts which will be put forth the cabinet at earliest for approval. Under the proposal law, the locally produced organic crops with be labeled as ‘Organic Uttarakhand’ in hope to give the indigenous crops and horticulture a cultural identity to ensure better marketing even in the foreign market.

The proposed bill will also help in bringing all the transactions and activities pertaining to organic farming under an organised sector. All the agencies who would purchase the local farm produce would also have to duly register themselves with the state government. This will prevent fake marketing agencies to enter the local market. The law also ensures that the farmers are able to get certification for their organic crops even at the block level.

Inputs from Hindustan Times