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Uttarakhand: Online Registration Mandatory for Farmers to avail subsidies

Uttarakhand Food Department have made it mandatory for farmers to register themselves online in order to avail for any government schemes and subsidies as well as for any purchasing and selling of food grains. The farmers who will not register themselves will not be able to get the benefits and subsidies provide by the government.


In a technology-driven world, Online registration for farmers will prove beneficial and discourage hoarding. (Image Source)

Marketing Inspector, Food Department Monica Arora said with online registrations of farmers, it will be easier for the department to provide benefits to the farmers directly without any middlemen. It will also prove beneficial to prevent black marketing and hoarding prevalent in the grain market.

For online registration, the farmers are required to provide identity card, Aadhaar card, bank account details, khatauni (land records) and a photo. The forms for online registrations have been available to the respective Gram Pradhan. Farmers can also avail the forms from food godown at Doiwala, Uttarakhand. The farmers are expected to register themselves at earliest.