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Take urgent steps to prevent recurring water crisis: PM Modi to Uttarakhand CM

In a letter to Uttarakhand chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expresses his serious concern regarding the recurring water crisis in Uttarakhand and directed state government to take steps for the conservation and storage of rainwater which can be used in summer months. The letter was dated April 29 with which mentioned measures such as digging new ponds, dredging existing ponds and irrigation tanks meant for rainwater storage.

Conservation and storage of rainwater are needed so that maximum use of the precious resource is possible. I am writing to you so that timely and concrete steps can be taken with regard to an important issue.

– PM Modi’s letter to Uttarakhand CM

The fact that Prime Minister had to intervene in matters related to water conservation hints at the lethargic attitude of agencies concerned with water conservation. A recent report by State Planing Commission, the Jal Sansthan (Water Works Department) had brazenly stopped measuring the discharge of natural springs dotting the region since 2009.

Earlier, the state planning commission adviser HP Uniyal had warned that many hill stations in Uttarakhand could go Shimla way if measures to conserve rainwater is not taken seriously.

Inputs from Hindustan Times