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Lady tweets Trivendra Rawat, CM directs police to take action

With one tweet Shweta Mashiwal from Mumbai taught a life long lesson to few trouble making students to how to behave in public places. Late night few students from DAV (PG) created nuisance at a guest house. Shweta who was staying at the same guesthouse instantly posted a picture of the devastated guest house to CM’s twitter account. CM instantly responded to her query and took immediate actions, he asked the police to lodge a FIR and catch the mischievous elements behind it. The alleged Student Union General Secretary, Kapil Sharma who was the main culprit behind the event was soon caught by Dehradun Police.

With Shweta’s one tweet students creating ruckus in Dun were caught by Police

Src: Twitter

According to the report, few students of DAV (PG) college who were staying at the guest house near Cross Road, Dehradun caused great harm to the property. They broke the glasses, destroyed the furniture and left the property in ruins. Seeing this, Shweta a Mumbai girl who witnessed the whole event, tweeted a picture to CM Trivendra Rawat’s twitter account with a message reading, “Look at the damage caused by the students of DAV (PG) college. Is it safe for guests like us to stay here?” to which the CM not only replied but also asked the police to take strict actions regarding it.

During an initial research operation, DAV (PG) Student Union General Secretary, Kapil Sharma along with other 8 students was identified and a case was filed against them. Thereafter, CM replied to Shweta’s tweet, “No violence will be tolerated-FIR has been filed & culprits have been identified-Police is on the way to arrest them” to which Shweta responded, Sincerest thanks to you, now I can stay here, feeling safe after your tweet”.