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ISRO to help Uttarakhand Govt. in advanced satellite-based weather forecast

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) has been signed between Indian Space and Research Organization (ISRO) and Uttarakhand government to ensure better weather forecast information as well as quick access of post-disaster images.

Earlier, the Disaster Mitigation & Management Centre (DMMC) – an autonomous body working under Department of Disaster Management, Government of Uttarakhand for the protection of environment and people against any kind of disasters – would receive alerts and forecasts from Indian Meteorological Department (IMD). However, the forecasts from ISRO would be satellite-based which means that the state would get alerts 72 hours in advance.

In addition to weather forecasts, the ISRO will also share vital information related to weather such as drought conditions, soil moisture, humidity etc. so that the state could prepare in advance for any forthcoming disaster. The major difference between IMD forecasts and ISRO satellite-based forecasts is that while former would miss small changes in weathers, the latter captures the imagery of the entire state, explains Girish Chandra Joshi, senior executive at DMMC.

Inputs from Hindustan Times

Original Report by Nihi Sharma