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Interview with folk singer Narendra Singh Negi after his hospital release

Uttarakhand’s prominent folk singer Narendra Singh Negi has returned to his home after successfully recovering from a heart attack that left millions of his followers gasping. The Nauchami Naraina singer was rushed to hospital on June 29 when after he complained of chest pain in the evening. He was admitted in CMI hospital before he was referred to Max Hospital under CM Trivendra Singh Rawat’s recommendation. His admirers, relatives and acquaintances also lined up outside the hospital while social media was buzzing with prayers for his speedy recovery.

Q: Your road to full recovery health seem to be going well, as your health is getting better with each passing day. How are you feeling now?

Narendra Negi: I thank doctors for their tireless hard work and million of my admirers for their prayers and support for my speedy recovery. I was lucky I was able to find a doctor in the hills when my health got worse. When I reached Dehradun I was able to get quick medical help after CM Trivendra Rawat’s recommendation. Now after spending 10 days at hospital, I have returned home and slowly heading towards full recovery.

Q: While resting at home, what thoughts are running in your mind right now?

Narendra Negi: Doctors have advised me complete bed rest for few days. I listen to my songs and watch music videos. However, I find few shortcomings in them. Back in our times, we didn’t have the luxury of good sound equipments and music instruments. Since there is no age to stop learning, I will try to improve some of the songs. But right now, I will take some rest for few days.

Q: Since last few years,  you have focused more on stage shows and live performances instead of releasing album or cassettes?

Narendra Negi: In recent times, the market for albums and cassettes have declined from what it was in the past. Due to piracy and YouTube, the market for new albums have become very limited. However, my originality and ingenuity as an artist was also compromised to some extent due to stage performances. Earlier, we had to be creative when composing new songs for cassettes and CDs. Now, it is just repetition of my old songs on stage performances.

Q: Are you currently working on any new song or an album?

Narendra Negi: I composed few songs some time ago, after which I got busy in stage shows and other works. Then this (heart attack) happened. Now, I first want to get to full recovery then think about new songs. Also, music is never created with putting too much thought. The lyrics just find their way into your consciousness as per the events and circumstances you are in.

Q: Millions of your admirers all across the globe prayed for your health while you were in hospital fighting for your life. Would you like to say anything to them?

Narendra Negi: I would like to say to my well wishes that do not repeat the mistake which I did. I was not feeling well for quite a long time, but I kept ignoring the symptoms. If I was not careless regarding my health and had gone for check up earlier, the situation wouldn’t have got this serious. Therefore, I advice everyone to go for health checkup from time to time. Apart form this, I express gratitude and thank all my well wishers for their prayers and support.

Inputs from Amar Ujala