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Innovative! Hot-air balloons to provide mobile-internet connectivity in remote Uttarakhand villages

Under the ambit of Government of India’s ambitious Digital India project, an innovative solution has been put forward to connect more than 600 remote villages in Uttarakhand – a communication balloon. Hovering in the sky, the hot-air balloon would provide service such as mobile and internet connectivity. With this, Uttarakhand would become the first state in India to employ such technology. With the help of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, the long lost dream of providing mobile connectivity to every village in Uttarakhand will soon become a reality.

Representative Image (Source: Raven Aero Star)

At present, there are 16,870 villages in Uttarakhand, 680 of which are devoid of mobile and internet connectivity. Most of these remote villages and hamlets are situated in inaccessible regions where laying down a cables and setting up towers is not feasible. Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology have come forward to bring these remote villages into the internet bubble.

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Under this AEROSTAT technology, a hot-air balloon would be flown in the targeted regions where they could reach a maximum height of 50 meters. An antenna will be fitted in the hovering balloon which will be tethered to the control panel on the ground. Once switched on, the antenna would be able to transmit signals up to 20 km to 45 km via balloon. The consumer just needs to switch on the internet facility on his mobile phone. Two sites have been selected for the trail run of this project, according to the officials.

Inputs from Amar Ujala