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Industrial Revolution in U’khand: 803 acres land of Nepa Ltd. to be used for setting up green industries

Nepa. Ltd company has agreed to give its 803 acres of land at Kashipur to SIDCUL, which was unoccupied from quite a long time. This vast expanse of land at Kashipur will be used for setting up more than 100 lucrative industries. Here SIDCUL will establish green industries which will not pollute the environment and will offer jobs to many.

The state government had directed the senior officials to use the several acres of unoccupied land at Hempur in Kashipur near Nepa Company which can be used for setting up new businesses. For this, the SIDCUL administration spoke to the Managing Director of Nepa Ltd. Four days prior Nepa Ltd. had signed a contract with SIDCUL promising 803 acres of land to be given to SIDCUL.

 803 acres of land of Nepa Ltd. will be used for setting up green industries

Src: 803 acres of land of Nepa Ltd. will be used for setting up green industries

The MOU has been dully signed by SIDCUL and Nepa Ltd. Now Nepa’s 803 acres of land from Nepa Ltd. has been transferred to State Infrastructure & Industries Development Corporation Uttarakhand (SIDCUL). According to the agreement, SIDCUL will be free to confiscate the land from Nepa Ltd. within one month by paying a sum of Rs 96.67 crores to the company.

Soon after completing the survey work, green industries will be set up here and the industrialists will be invited to set up their businesses. This, in turn, will offer employment to thousands of people and the state government will get revenue from it.

Src: Hindustan