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Illegal Mining Increases in Uttarakhand after imposing Assembly Code of Conduct

With the enforcement of Chunav Aachar Sanhita or the ‘Assembly Code of Conduct’ by the Election Commission of India, illegal mining has increased in the state. Amidst the election chaos, the illegal mining in Uttarakhand has increased significantly. From past two days, the rivers of garh area are witnessing illegal mining on a large scale. Thousands of coaches filled with the material, worth crores of rupees are being supplied to the dozens of crushers situated nearby.

Earlier, Political nexus and Political Pressure were deemed to be the two major causes of illegal mining. This being done under the nose of the political bureaucrats, let’s see whether illegal mining will stop till Uttarakhand Assembly election or not.

On imposing the Assembly Code of Conduct, the illegal mining was curbed initially but from the past two days, the garh area is being excavated profusely. This time the mafias have adopted a new plan and several coaches have landed in the Mohend ro river near Gokulwala. Each day, 1000 or more coaches are being used for excavating the river area. About 20 rounds per day are being taken by these coaches to supply illegal material to the crushers.