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Uttarakhand Govt. chooses Trusted Heli Service Companies for Kedarnath Yatra

Uttarakhand Government has already chosen the heli service companies that will initiate the Kedarnath Yatra for the pilgrims. A legal tender has been passed and now the heli companies are required to fill in the application form by April 24. Those companies having DGCA and NOC helipads will be given the task of operating the Kedarnath Heli service which means now the flights will not take off from the new helipad. The government has added a new condition in the tender.

Heli Service Company chosen for Kedarnath Yatra

Src: Heli Service Company chosen for Kedarnath Yatra

Kedarnath has a total of 15 helipads and in the yester years, only 13 helicopter service companies were rendering their services to Kedarnath. This year three more helipads have been introduced to the Kedarnath area but since DGCA has not passed an NOC so no flights can take off from here. Some of the places where the helipads are located are Nala, Phata, Sirsi, Sitapur, Masta and Khumera.

Src: Hindustan