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Gairsain issue : Uttarakhand Government to make Gairsain summer capital

Ever since the inception of the hill state of Uttarakhand in 2000, the issue of making Gairsain as the capital of Uttarakhand has been a major hot potato  for political parties. While the issue is raised in every Uttarakhand election, seldom progress has been made in that direction over the last 16 years. During 2017 Uttarakhand elections, BJP promised to resolve the capital issue once and for all. Now that BJP is in power, the onus is on Trivendra Singh Rawat and his cabinet to take some decisive decisions regarding Gairsain.

Keeping to its promise, the Uttarakhand government will declare Gairsain as the summer capital in the near future. This came after few eminent ministers in the first cabinet meeting request Uttarakhand CM to take a decision regarding the fate of Garsain as early as possible. According to the sources, the preparations have also been started. After a stunning victory in the elections, the government’s decision to make Gairsain summer capital can be seen as an effort to project a good governance image by the BJP.

Gairsain: A quick glance at the summer capital

Perched at an elevation of 1,700 meters, Garsain is a small town in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. Due to its central location, it is ideally suited for capital as it can be reached easily from all districts of Uttarakhand. With over 500 acres of land available for infrastructure development, around 100 acres of the land is witnessing active development work. According to the sources, the Vidhan Sabha house at Gairsain is 80% complete along with 7 ministerial residences and 7 hostels for officials.

In past, the Congress government under Harish Rawat took steps towards making Gairsain permanent capital of Uttarakhand. Under his regime, the construction of Vidhan Sabha building started. The government even conducted a assembly session there. However, the development work has been stalled after that due to lack of funds. Now it’s time for Trivendra government to pick up where the Congress left. The main motive for making it a capital has been its ease of access for people from various part of Uttarakhand.