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Shame! Government use Champawat’s 800-year old Rajbunga Fort as tehsil office, fort still in ruins

Once a symbol of glory and courage of Chand Dynasty of Kumaon, the 800-year old Rajbunga Fort in Champawat has now turned into a forsaken structure. Utter negligence by the previous governments regarding preservation of this beautiful heritage is clearly visible from its dilapidated condition, shabby premises infested with weeds and wild plants. The careless attitude of the government can be seen from the fact that, this cultural heritage is used as a tehsil office. While the half of the Rajbunga Fort is used for official purposes, the rest of the fort is slowly crumbles away with time without any preservation or restoration work.

Photo Credit: Virat Chand Rajput

Opulent Chand Dynasty ruled Kumaon for 800 years

The Chand dynasty ruled the Kumaon region for more than 800 years. During their opulent reign, several magnificent temples and forts were constructed all over Kumaon region. However, with lack of preservation and restoration efforts, these forts and shrines have turned into rubble with time. Rajbunga was the main citadel from where administration of the region was looked after. The Chand dynasty may have become a part of history, however, the admiration for their art and architecture is still relevant in present time. The Rajbunga fort is one the few historical building of cultural significance still left in Uttarakhand.

Government need to take action for Rajbunga Fort’s preservation

For a government that envision Uttarakhand as a state with immense tourism potential, the preservation of Rajbunga Fort in Champawat should be a matter of concern, at least for its tourism ministry.  The government should remove the tehsil office from the fort and issue substantial funds for the restoration work, supervised by Archaeological Survey of India. The government should strive to make the fort a tourist attraction. Moreover, the community surrounding the Rajbunga fort should come together and make their voice heard.