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Uttarakhand food festival held in Bengaluru, more than 20 dishes served

A 10-day Uttarakhand food festival was organized for the first time at a five-star hotel in Bengaluru which attracted not only the Uttarakhand natives residing in the city but also the people from different cultural backgrounds. The food festival that on Sunday, had around 20 delectable traditional Garhwali and Kumaoni dishes to satiate the taste buds of food enthusiasts. The dishes were prepared by a team of four young Uttarakhand chefs working in the hotel.

The food festival, which was organized at Marriott Hotel, was the brainchild of Kripal Singh, age 24, who is the head chef at the hotel. With the consent and support of hotel owner Aniket Shah, Kripal organized the food festival where around 20 dishes, including bhatt ki dal, aaloo ki thichyodi and gehat ke dubke. The other 3 chefs were Pankaj Singh, Mahendra Singh and Rahul Dhondiyal – all of them hailing from Uttarakhand.

Kripal Singh believes through the traditional cuisine, he hopes to rekindle the love for Garhwali culture and heritage that is slowly fading into oblivion. At the food festival, the team of chefs offered four kinds of chutneys, four different kinds of chapatis as well as four different kinds of raitas. The people enjoyed the Uttarakhandi cuisine and requested the festival be organized next year as well.

These Dishes were centre of attraction: bhatt ki dal, aaloo ki thichyodi, bhatt ki chutkaani, gehat ke dubke, fandu, kaafali, jakhya paneer, pahadi rajma, bal mithai, chocolate barfi, singori, aawle ki chutney, aamchur ki chutney, kale bhatt ki chutney, manduey ki roti, bedu ki roti, kakadi ka salaad, mooli, pahadi kaakdi, bathuey ka raita

Inputs from Amar Ujala