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Gangotri Glacier melting at a rate of 12 meter per year, reveals Wadia Institute survey

The glaciers in Himalayas been constantly bearing the brunt of global warming it seems. In the last 25 years, hundreds of glaciers in the Himalayas have reduced as much as a kilometer in size due to the rising temperature. In a recent survey conducted by Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology (WIHG), it has been found the Himalayan glaciers are retreating at a rate of 5 to 20 meters. In fact, the Dokarani glacier is retreating at a rate of 18 meters every year.

Wadia Institute has been conducting survey to study the changes in the Himalayan glaciers from October to October every year with the help of various scientific equipments. Glacial expert at Wadia Institute Dr. D P Dobhal believes the climate change is the root cause for the glacial retreat. The thickness of glaciers is reducing at a rate of 30 cms to 50 cms every year.

Why Glaciers are retreating at an alarming rate?

Global warming is believed to be the main reason for melting of glaciers all over the world. The rapid and irreversible changes in the climate and environment adversely affects the glaciers. Glaciers, just like humans, age with time.

Moreover, the adverse changes with glaciers would also affect the water levels of the rivers that originate from Himalayas. there has been a decrease in the water level at rivers such as Pindar, Ganga and Kosi in the past few years.

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