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Uttarakhand govt to table more than 13 bills in assembly session at Garsain

Uttarakhand government is expected to table more than 13 bills in the budget session at Gairsain assembly which commences from March 20. It will also include the recent Cabinet-approved Uttarakhand Religious Freedom Bill which will make forced or illegal religious conversion a non-bailable offence. More than 2,000 questions will be raised when the assembly will be in session. In addition to that, two bills are already pending at assembly – Uttarakhand Agricultural Production (Regulation) (Amendment) Bill.

Chief Minister Trivendra Rawat will reach Gairsain via road and take part in the cabinet meeting on March 19 before the start of assembly session.

Bills to be tabled at Garsain assembly session

1. Uttarakhand Subordinate Selection Bill Commission (amendment) Bill

2. Uttarakhand Floodplain Range (Amendment) Bill

3. Uttarakhand Religious Freedom Bill

4. Uttarakhand Retirement Benefit (Amendment) Bill

5. Uttarakhand Diverse University (Amendment) Bill

6. Uttarakhand (Appropriation) Bill

7. Uttarakhand Language Institute Bill

8. Uttarakhand National Law University (Amendment) Bill

9. University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (Amendment) Bill

10. Uttarakhand Bovine and Feminine Animal Breeding Bill

11. Uttarakhand Unaided Private Vocational Education Institute (Admission and Fee fixation) (Amendment) Bill

12. Uttarakhand (United Provinces Excise Act, 1910) (Customization and Transfer order, 2002) (Amendment)

13. Uttarakhand (U.P. Zamindari Abolition and Land Reforms Act, 1950) (Customization and Transfer order, 2001)

Inputs from Amar Ujala