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Frog population on the decline in Uttarakhand, HNB Garhwal University comes to rescue

Mindless construction and development projects, depletion of natural water sources and natural disasters have resulted in the decline of frog population in the state. With the loss of natural habitat, the frog species are not able to reproduce which results in increase in numbers of insects harmful to humans. They are also an important food source for predators and part of the food web dynamics of many of the world’s ecosystems.

Understanding the importance of frog population to human settlements, the biology department at HNB Garhwal University have come forward to revive the declining frog population. The department suggested the creation of ditches all around Uttarakhand for the species to repopulate. Frogs are amphibians i.e. they survive on land as well in water. They lay their eggs in the ditches filled with stagnant water. However, with the increase in reckless development and environment degradation, the numbers of the frog species have had steep decline.

Inputs from Amar Ujala