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Forest Dept bans Angling in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand forest department have banned angling activity in the buffer zones of tiger reserves as well as all forest areas present across the state. The order was issued by head of forest force (HoFF) Jai Raj on Tuesday under Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. The order made it clear that although angling involves catch and release, still the fish is trapped in the thorn, which can be termed as cruelty against the species and is punishable under the section-11 of the Act.

Apparently, the ban on angling will not apply to areas outside the buffer zones of the reserved forests and tiger reserves. In those areas, a permission from the district magistrate will be sufficient to continue angling under old procedure. While the people associated with angling welcomes the decision to prevent illegal angling in forest areas, they fear that if the order is expanded beyond forest areas, many people will lose jobs.

On the other hand, environmentalists believe excessive angling can adversely affect the biodiversity of an area. Also, most people who take part in such activities flout rules as per their will. They catch fish but don’t release it. There should be strict monitoring of such activities in these angling zones.

Inputs from Times of India, Original report by Rohit Joshi