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Feel proud! Uttarakhand to get its first War Memorial, to be called ‘Shaurya Sthal’

After a long wait of 40 years, Uttarakhand will finally get its first War Memorial which will commemorate thousands of martyrs from Uttarakhand who gave their life fighting for the country. The construction work for War Memorial began on Dehradun on Wednesday after former MP Tarun Vijay and Major Ten Balraj Mehta, GOC, Uttarakhand laid the foundation stone of the memorial. It was author and journalist Tarun Vijay who took the first initiative for the War Memorial in Uttarakhand.

Even during British era, Uttarakhand youths have served selflessly and sacrificed their lives for their motherland. Even today, Uttarakhand is the state that sends the highest numbers of officers in the Indian Army per capita of the population. This is a clear indication about the love for motherland and eagerness to protect the nation’s integrity and sovereignty.

Expressing gratitude to PM Modi and former Defence Minster Manohar Parrikar, former MP Tarun Vijay said the War Memorial in Dehradun will become one of the finest of its kind. The memorial will be instrumental in keeping the martyrs alive in our memory and serve as a reminder to the tourists that Uttarakhand is not only the land of the Gods but also the land of the courageous.

Inputs from Amar Ujala