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Feb sees the first forest fire in Uttarakhand, one hectare of forest burnt into ashes

Forest fire generally creates havoc in the month of April but this time it has taken its toll in February this year. The snow and rainfall caused by the western disturbance had made the forest cover moist in the hilly areas, which lead the Forest Department to believe that there will be no such chances of a forest fire to occur. But with this incident, the Forest Officials are in a state of despair as their negligence and careless behaviour is the reason behind this forest fire.

One hectare of forest cover destroyed in the Nanda Devi Biosphere

According to the fresh reports about one hectare of forest cover has been set ablaze in the Nanda Devi Bio Sphere Reserve. Earlier this year, two more forest fire incidents happened in the Nanda Devi Biosphere which didn’t take place in the reserve area.

Nanda Devi Biosphere is the first reserve forest in Uttarakhand to witness forest fire

According to the department’s report, the forest fire at Nanda Devi Biosphere spread from the hay besieged across the terrains. Many villagers who practice traditional farming methods such as slash and burn farming also destroy the forest cover, which leads to many casualties.

The Meadows at Munsiyari aren’t spared of the forest fire

Even the meadows at Munsiyari have turned into an ashy carpet and the Forest Department has failed to catch hold of the culprits. Taking advantage of their oblivion, the notorious elements have set fire at three plush meadows of Talhati. The Himalayan peaks of Munsiyari which were clearly visible from here are now covered by a thick cloud of smoke. It is said that the social evil elements and poachers also spread forest fire to trespass the area for illegal hunting and poaching. But as for now, not a single poacher has been caught red handed.