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Doctors of U’khand: We want salary but won’t oblige govt. order to work in hills

Seems like doctors in Uttarakhand have some kind of scuffle with the hills as 170 doctors of the state have disregarded the Government orders of lending their services to the hilly areas of the state. Even after releasing the orders, the government hospitals of Uttarakhand lay barren without any doctor to listen to the grievances of the patients. To cancel their transfers many doctors have written an application to the Health Department while many are knocking the doors of the court against the transfer orders.

Doctors of U'khand: We want salary but won't oblige govt. order to work in hills

Src: Due to poor medical services infant mortality rate in Uttarakhand is high

170 Doctors disregarded Government orders, don’t want to work in the hills

On the state level, around 240 doctors were transferred of which around 170 doctors were sent to the hilly area hospitals and 70 doctors were brought back from the hills. Most doctors deployed at the hilly areas haven’t taken up their responsibility and are missing from the hospitals. Some doctors are coming up with excuses for not getting the transfer letter while some are resorting to the Health Department and Ministers of the state for seeking help in cancelling their transfer.

Doctors of U'khand: We want salary but won't oblige govt. order to work in hills

Src: While most govt doctors remain absent from the hospitals some Trusts are helping the locals by providing health care facilities in the hills.

Talking about bringing a revolutionary change in health services and not working for it is baseless

When talking about bringing a revolution in the field of medicine and health such doctors talk a lot but when it comes in implementing those ideas they just take a step back and rest their case. The point is lending services to a city hospital where there is no dearth of medical facility is useless if the village hospitals in the hills only hear cries on the death beds and not on the cradles. If they are disrespecting the decision of the government by not obeying it then they shouldn’t be given salaries as well.

Src: Amar Ujala